I am Joaquin/ Walkout

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I am Joaquin

I Am Joaquin

by Rodolfo Corky Gonzales

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Yo soy Joaquín,
perdido en un mundo de confusión:
I am Joaquín, lost in a world of confusion,
caught up in the whirl of a gringo society,
confused by the rules, scorned by attitudes,
suppressed by manipulation, and destroyed by modern society.

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Rodolfo Gonzales (June 18, 1928April 12, 2005) was a Mexican American boxer, poet, and political activist. He convened the first-ever Chicano youth conference in March 1969, which was attended by many future Chicano activists and artists. The conference also promulgated the Plan Espiritual de Aztlán, a manifesto demanding self-determination for Chicanos. As an early figure of the movement for the equal rights of Mexican Americans, he is often considered one of the founders of the Chicano Movement.

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Luiz Valdez is one of the great dramatists in American history. Though frequently marginalized, Valdez' plays are significant enough for him to be labeled as the father of Chicano theater. His plays have been extremely popular and have made drama a meaningful genre for the Chicano population. And not only is he a playwright, but also a screenwriter, actor, director, and civil rights activist. Valdez is a fascinating human being whose contributions to American drama should not be overlooked.